father forgive me, for I have lusted..

Posted: August 12, 2010 in i love the world today!

So today, I’m finally in a good mood. And, I’m going to post some serious hunky gods..


You so totally saw it coming, didn’t you.. of course, I can’t leave McDreamy out!!

up next, the hunk with the awesome accent and the dreamy eyes..

Gerard Butler in P.S. I Love You= swwooonnnn!!!!

 the guy who actually rips my heart out with his puppy eyes..

james marsden, the confused prince I would die for..

okay, now is the time to introduce the motherchucker..

Ed westwick’s british accent is even more killing than his american one….!!

P.S. Its so difficult to find his decent looking pic on google!!

someone who can croon excited jitters in me..

justified, right??  and a fine example of improvement!!

talking of mighty good crooning..

this man does too..:p

how the hell did I forget the cougar hunter?

chace crawford.. oh hell..

and oh yeah.. a healthy dose of vampires is healthy, u knw..

mmm.. blood..mm…erik..

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