Posted: August 28, 2010 in EVIL!!

Why oh why do people think that they are superior human beings than the rest of us low life creatures? What is the motivation behind the spectacular sentiment? Seriously, I’m bummed. For the record, this is the same asslicker dude I wrote about earlier. He just doesn’t understand what being human is. He just doesn’t, folks. And he is the only guy in the world who makes me feel that at least one murder in the world should be made legal. Yes, dear darling ANUP, this post is solely dedicated to your stupidity and your fucked up sense of seniority. Grow the fuck up! If not, I swear I will humiliate you with speaking English you have never experienced before.. (yes guys, his English SUCKS.. BAD!!).. Am I a bad person if saying that(or typing that) makes me feel oddly happy?? *insert all kinds of evil laugh here*

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