Marriageable ;)

Posted: October 18, 2010 in Uncategorized

hmm.. so a very good friend of mine tells me that I’m not the ‘marriageable’ girl.. what is that supposed to mean?? Does it mean I’m not worthy of getting married, or does it mean that its a good thing I intimidate people?? I don’t understand. What do guys see in a girl??
What do they need to want to propose to a girl so bad that they can cry if she says no?? Guys say that we girls are confusing.. but I think the other way round is more correct.. anyways, my friend telling me that a guy wouldn’t want to marry me is hilarious and scary at the same time. I mean, I love my freedom, but I don’t want to be a spinster either. I know there are a lot of strikes against me, but there must be someone who is made for me, right? Yes, I believe in fairytales. I believe in Romance. I believe in Love(having gone through a million heartbreaks meself) and I believe in karma. Is that a lot to believe? I hope not.

  1. That’s a very odd thing to say to someone! And a little mean…I think….

    • Hey Catherine..
      I’m calling you Catherine since you mentioned it on the blog. Anyways, yes, most of the times, it is rude to be reminded that you are not ‘marriage material’.. especially by a very good friend..

  2. Sumit Kain says:

    Could it be for mentioning the fact that u’d want to drop drinking Vodka till u drop or Seeking forgiveness for having Lusted? Or was it ANUP who told u that?

    P.S: The first two are no parameters, for me or in general to judge anyone. Just to make it clear !

    • Hey Sumit,

      Um, I don’t think that the reason was me mentioning that I would like to drink Vodka till I drop, because the guy doesn’t know I do. And second, at least i sought forgiveness!! Actually it was a good friend who told me the same, and the reason was because he saw a more ‘marriageable’ girl-that is, a girl who has no spine and who will do anything her husband will ask her to, though she’s beautiful, I’ll give her that.
      P.S. And ANUP is a ginormous ass who doesn’t even have an inkling of all this happening!!

  3. Sumit Kain says:

    Ok Specialista,

    Although i won’t buy the argument of a spineless woman (with offence to none) yet i’d believe if such are the parameters of judging a person for an institution as sacred as marriage, then GoD too will be glad to have matched two perfect souls, made for each other!

    After all, it is not said for nothing that ‘People get the kind of govt. they deserve’.

    P.S: uR sentiments for ANUP have become even clearer. CheeRs !

  4. Sumit Kain says:

    For the former, AMEN ! and for the latter, No Way !

    Not smitten in ANY WHICH WAY…. However, uR Rants on him keep me entertained !

  5. aww.. so I will keep on ranting about him.. keep comin back!!

  6. Sumit Kain says:

    SuRe thing !

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