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crap fiesta

Posted: September 3, 2010 in furious rant

Two faced people. Cant vent enough for these people. They are the crappiest part of my day. Not that my day is less crappy without them, but a significant amount of crap comes from these people. They will screw so so many holes in you that you will forget which one to breathe out of. And you will do nothing. Because you do not want any more crap than you are already dealing with. Crappy, right?


pissed beyond hell..

Posted: August 28, 2010 in furious rant

Why do people make promises and then break them? Especially when you have given yourself and them a second chance.. and suddenly, you come to know that the thing you are afraid of, has been done again.. when you had thought that the person has changed. people aren’t wrong when they say that some people just don’t change.. I had been so stupid that I thought maybe this time would be different, but its the same as ever..

pissed beyond hell..

Posted: July 22, 2010 in furious rant

I hate suck ups. Period. They are completely at peace ruining you when they see that they will have a greater advantage of making an impression. I mean, what the fuck dude? You are wrong, so you are wrong. Shouting on someone else in presence of your colleagues is more humiliating and infuriating than anything else! It is your failure, deal with it! Don’t try and blame some one for your faults. Truth is, you are an enormous asshole and an obnoxious suck up. Deal with it. May you rot in hell. Amen