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missin life

Posted: September 20, 2010 in sad and lonely, this is me

I’m feeling quite unhinged today. I’m missing the small nuances of life. I was just talking to someone regarding festivals and I started missing my family pretty badly. Doesn’t happen to me much, though it hit me today that it has been three years since I saw my complete family together. Quite disturbing, I must say. Actually, there is a festival named durga puja which used to be a huge family event every year. That festival is just around the corner. Its not that I haven’t met my family in these 3 years, but I haven’t seen them together. My mum and sis live together in Kolkata and my dad lives in another city where he’s working. I live in Bangalore, which is really very far off for any of them to travel. Moreover, I stay in a PG, so I cannot invite them to stay with me. So, even though I have a job, and am kind of busy, I do miss my family.. I want to see us all together, just once.



Posted: July 20, 2010 in sad and lonely

I have gotten my heart broken a million times.. and trust me, I’m not exaggerating at all. there are the little heartbreaks, and then there are the BIG ones. I have had a million of those in this lifetime… the heartbreak when you see that no one wants you anymore, the heartbreak when no one misses you when you are not around, the heartbreak when no one wants to talk to you about their day.. the list is endless..and the heartbreak is endless. but the even bigger heartbreak is, when this happens again, and again, and yet again…the feeling that there will be no one to wish you on your wedding day, no one to cry at your funeral, no one to hold your hand when you just cannot take it anymore.. you might think that I would have mastered the art of feeling lonely by now.. but it still is, and will remain, heartbreak..