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Why oh why do people think that they are superior human beings than the rest of us low life creatures? What is the motivation behind the spectacular sentiment? Seriously, I’m bummed. For the record, this is the same asslicker dude I wrote about earlier. He just doesn’t understand what being human is. He just doesn’t, folks. And he is the only guy in the world who makes me feel that at least one murder in the world should be made legal. Yes, dear darling ANUP, this post is solely dedicated to your stupidity and your fucked up sense of seniority. Grow the fuck up! If not, I swear I will humiliate you with speaking English you have never experienced before.. (yes guys, his English SUCKS.. BAD!!).. Am I a bad person if saying that(or typing that) makes me feel oddly happy?? *insert all kinds of evil laugh here*


pissed beyond hell..

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Why do people make promises and then break them? Especially when you have given yourself and them a second chance.. and suddenly, you come to know that the thing you are afraid of, has been done again.. when you had thought that the person has changed. people aren’t wrong when they say that some people just don’t change.. I had been so stupid that I thought maybe this time would be different, but its the same as ever..

Sex and the city..

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Um, I don’t know.. I just don’t. But am I the only one who feels that the first Sex and the City movie is wwwaaayyy better than the second one in every aspect other than the glam outfits??? (I like the fashion in the second one better.) The story sucks.. even Aidan sucks.. such a lame loser.. and no sex!!! Tell those producers that a girl has some expectations!!

as random as it gets..

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I’m at work right now.. having pickle after so long!! and I wanna play Hopscotch.. and drink vodka till I drop!

So today, I’m finally in a good mood. And, I’m going to post some serious hunky gods..


You so totally saw it coming, didn’t you.. of course, I can’t leave McDreamy out!!

up next, the hunk with the awesome accent and the dreamy eyes..

Gerard Butler in P.S. I Love You= swwooonnnn!!!!

 the guy who actually rips my heart out with his puppy eyes..

james marsden, the confused prince I would die for..

okay, now is the time to introduce the motherchucker..

Ed westwick’s british accent is even more killing than his american one….!!

P.S. Its so difficult to find his decent looking pic on google!!

someone who can croon excited jitters in me..

justified, right??  and a fine example of improvement!!

talking of mighty good crooning..

this man does too..:p

how the hell did I forget the cougar hunter?

chace crawford.. oh hell..

and oh yeah.. a healthy dose of vampires is healthy, u knw..


I know, morbid title. But this is the only thing going on in my mind. And Taylor swift on my laptop. So yes, I’m feeling very alone and lonely. And I’m feeling lonely for the guy who doesn’t care whether I live or die. Strange, seeing that I agreed to move to a strange town, to work with a company I detest, just to be here when he is here. He thinks it is a good career move for me, but frankly, I couldn’t care less. I’m here just so he doesn’t miss me when he came to Bangalore. I didn’t realise that his career is much more important to him than I am. Always has, always will. But, even I’m becoming ‘dark and twisty’. I’m confused as to what is happening. Why doesn’t he miss me with the same intensity I do? Does he even love me? I was thin, beautiful, shy, innocent and many such things when he started loving me, now I’m not any one of these things but he’s still with me, in a way. But what is the reason for him staying with me? From afar, when he doesn’t even miss me? Is it love? Or is it plain habit? Or is it the fear of letting someone go? I don’t want him to cling on to me just because I’m a stupid habit. I don’t want to be someone’s habit, or relic. If he’s not happy, he needs to let go. Because I’m not strong enough to let him go. He is the first man I’ve ever kissed, the first man I have slept with, and the first man with whom I’ve grown and felt myself mature. The first man whom I’ve given my heart with abandon. The first man with whom I’ve managed a relationship for so long. Whereas, I’m not the first girl in his life whom he kissed and given his heart to. She left him, and if I do the same thing, he will compare us both. I don’t want that to happen. I’m not her. I want him, but I can’t have him.

Love the monster!

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I ❤ Lady GaGa! And her vids! and I’m totally IN love with telephone..OMG, I didn’t knw she could make beyonce do smthng lady gaga like and actually rock it!! And if you don’t like Lady GaGa’s music, DON’T BOTHER COMING BACK!!